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June 2017 Archives

Facing felony charges with a strong criminal defense strategy

Felony charges are the most serious charges in the criminal justice system and may be more harshly punished than other types of criminal charges such as misdemeanor charges. Individuals facing felony charges may face a year or more in prison and steep fines. In some circumstances, felony charges can result in life in prison or even the death penalty. Additionally, felonies are graded by degree in Pennsylvania and a first degree felony can result in a 20-year prison sentence.

Pennsylvania court reinstates medical malpractice lawsuit

This blog recently discussed the importance of wrongful death lawsuits for the protection of families following the unexpected loss of a love one which can also apply in medical malpractice situations. A superior court in Pennsylvania recently reinstated a medical malpractice lawsuit. The issue involved the timeliness of filing the wrongful death medical malpractice complaint for a woman's death in the emergency room of the hospital the lawsuit was brought against.

Protections are available to victims of boating accidents

Boating safety is always important and can be especially important during the active summer season when many individuals and families take to lakes and other bodies of water to enjoy boating as a fun past time. Boating safety is important to prevent fun times on the like from turning tragic. Boating accidents may cause injuries to victims or result in a fatal boating accident.

Pittsburgh area car accident may be due to driver distraction

Car accidents can have serious consequences for victims and families which is why legal resources are available to help protect them when harmed. A recent fatal car accident in the Pittsburgh area may have been caused by distracted driving. While the car accident remains under investigation, a driver's failure to pay attention to the roadway may be to blame for the fatal car accident that killed one victim and injured several others. The car accident involved multiple vehicles.

3 reasons to talk to an attorney immediately after a car accident

If you are trying to deal with the aftermath of your car accident, you might feel stressed and confused about certain aspects of the process. Dealing with the insurance company of the at-fault motorist can be challenging. What do you say? How do you negotiate your settlement?

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