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August 2017 Archives

Off-duty cop arrested on assault charges after road dispute

When Pittsburgh drivers are out on the road, their tempers can be short and lead to confrontations, otherwise known as road rage. In the moment, the people involved might feel justified in their anger and have an explanation for the way they behaved. If the incident does not involve assault or other criminal behaviors, nothing might come of it. However, if people pull a weapon or behave violently, it can lead to assault charges and necessitate criminal defense. In some cases, the allegations might involve people whose employment and personal lives can be significantly affected by the situation.

Pedestrian suffers injuries in car crash

Pedestrians and motor vehicles in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas are expected to share the road. There are laws in place that are meant to ensure that drivers take care to avoid people on foot and maintain the safety of everyone. Unfortunately, there are times when an accident will happen and people will be injured and even killed. Since car accidents involving pedestrians can cause so much damage, a legal filing is often the only way for those who have been hurt or families who have lost a loved one to gain compensation. One of the most important factors in garnering a fair amount is by having legal help from an experienced attorney.

Woman in crash hit during return to car

A car crash in Pittsburgh can take many different forms and have a multitude of results. In some cases, car accidents have a chain reaction and other incidents stem from a first incident. The subsequent car crash can do more damage than the first. In this type of case, those who were injured should be aware of how to go about seeking compensation in a lawsuit.

What you need to know about protection from abuse

Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects both men and women. According to the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, there are typically around 100 deaths per year attributed to domestic violence. Courts can issue a temporary protection from abuse order on the basis of a single statement alone, though — and before you know it, you may find yourself in a court hearing.

Legal help with a Pittsburgh premises liability case

Any kind of accident in Pittsburgh can lead to medical bills, lost time at work and even death. However, one of the forgotten about types of accidents is slip-and-fall accidents or any other kind of incident that comes about due to a dangerous property condition. These can happen anywhere - in a store, walking past a residence, and in many other circumstances. Those who have been injured on someone else's property in a situation that could and should have been avoided might have the basis for a legal filing to be compensated.

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