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October 2017 Archives

Infotainment is a new worry creating distracted drivers

Pennsylvanians must be attentive to the inevitable risks they will face when out on the road whether it is as a driver, motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian. One issue that is constantly, and with good reason, in the news is a distracted driver. While most will associate this with texting and driving, there is a new culprit in drivers being distracted: infotainment systems. These systems are widely promoted as safety mechanisms and installed in newer vehicles to help with safety. However, research from AAA indicates that these systems are distracting people similarly to smartphones.

How can I prevent medical malpractice when receiving treatment?

When you think of your physician and health care team in Pittsburgh, the last thing to ever cross your mind is negligence. You trust these professionals with your life, relying on them to follow certain protocols to provide you with the level of care you need and deserve to stay healthy. But when these medical professionals make mistakes that result in pain, suffering and a lesser quality of life than you are accustomed to, you may find yourself distrustful and wondering how to avoid being in a similar situation again in the future. 

Man arrested on allegations of firearm use in domestic incident

In Pittsburgh, those who are charged with a domestic assault or any other kind of behavior in a domestic incident do not just have to worry about the criminal charges alone. There are other issues that will come to the forefront in addition to the penalties. There is a stigma with domestic incidents and it can negatively affect a person's work life, educational endeavors and more. Being arrested for domestic issues can cause long-term problems and it is imperative to formulate a strong criminal defense form the start.

Fatal car crash kills elderly pedestrian

An accident in Pittsburgh can happen in numerous ways and all can have long-lasting consequences. One of the most dangerous types of accidents is a crash between a car and a pedestrian. In these accidents, serious injuries and wrongful death are common. A key to the case is finding out how and why it happened. A fatal car crash is bad enough without learning that it was due to negligence, recklessness, substance abuse or distracted driving. Since there will be costs and other long-term issues to deal with in the aftermath of a vehicle-pedestrian accident, having legal advice is a must.

Hit-and-run car accident injures motorcyclist

Motorcyclists in Pennsylvania and throughout the nation will express how much they enjoy being out on the open road on their bikes. It is an activity that draws great enthusiasm across various spectrums and lifestyles. However, that does not alter the reality that it carries with it a certain amount of risk for the rider. Being in a car accident while on a motorcycle can cause catastrophic injuries. With these types of car accidents, the rider and his or her family must be cognizant of the medical expenses and long-term problems that they might face as a result of the crash and act accordingly by considering a legal filing to receive compensation.

Poll: many drivers believe their texting and driving is not risky

While Pittsburgh residents, people throughout Pennsylvania and across the U.S. will universally condemn others driving while distracted, there is a unique phenomenon in that many people still believe that they can do it safely themselves. This practice undoubtedly leads to crashes with injuries and fatalities. Research shows that people who disapprove of texting and driving and other distracting behaviors behind the wheel often take part in it.

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