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January 2018 Archives

Metal-on-metal hip implant can come with unique complications

Whether due to an injury or the luck of the draw, you ended up needing to get your hip replaced. Hip implants today are a modern miracle of science, allowing you the type of mobility and range of movement you never thought would be possible again when you were suffering from extreme hip pain. However, if you received a metal-on-metal implant, you might face unforeseen complications. The following information is important for you and other Pennsylvanians with metal hip implants to know.

Army veteran who suffered surgical error files lawsuit

Veterans in the Pennsylvania area and across the nation will often need medical treatment, which they receive through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The type of treatment these people have received in recent years has come under scrutiny with allegations of mistakes, medical professional negligence and other problems. It is unconscionable that veterans who served the U.S. will be subjected to substandard treatment, but it happens all-too often. When there is a doctor error or other incident of medical malpractice, those who suffered damages or families who lost a loved one need to be aware of their rights.

Off-duty cop faces criminal allegations after domestic dispute

Pittsburgh residents who are facing allegations related to a domestic incident must remember that the criminal charge can go beyond the penalties that will be part of the process if there is a conviction. It can also negatively affect a person's work and perception in the community. This is especially true if it is a city worker or even a law enforcement officer. When confronted with these charges, it is imperative to have a strong criminal defense from the beginning.

Fatal work accident statistics show rise in 2016

Fatal accidents are an unfortunate possibility for workers in Pennsylvania and across the U.S. regardless of what kind of work they do. These accidents can come about for a variety of reasons including negligence, faulty equipment, recklessness and much more. Studies and research examine these incidents in which a fatal workplace accident has occurred to determine how and why they happened as well as to try and prevent them from happening in the future. People who have suffered the loss of a loved one in a fatal workplace accident might not benefit from preventative measures after the fact, but this information can be useful when seeking compensation in a legal filing.

Man arrested on allegations of selling fake football tickets

Since Pittsburgh is such a prominent sports town, there are always people trying to secure tickets to the various events. In some cases, ticket sellers will be accused of trying to take advantage of that enthusiasm by selling fraudulent tickets. While this is an act that cuts right to the heart of a sports fan and offends their sensibilities in multiple ways, that does not mean that the person who is facing these allegations is guilty and does not deserve to have a strong criminal defense for what is essentially a white collar crime. People arrested on these charges must remember their rights.

Researchers consider why drivers see texting and driving as safe

Pennsylvanians are keenly aware of the dangers of distracted driving even if they have not been in a car accident because of it. Continuous campaigns from lawmakers and research agencies make certain that everyone is perfectly cognizant of how risky it is to drive while distracted. However, that does not get to the crux of the problem as to why people who are doing it. Texting and driving and distracted driving crashes are still rising. Those who are in a crash with a person who is believed to have been distracted behind the wheel should be aware of potential reasons to use this information as part of a legal filing.

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