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Off-duty cop faces criminal allegations after domestic dispute

Pittsburgh residents who are facing allegations related to a domestic incident must remember that the criminal charge can go beyond the penalties that will be part of the process if there is a conviction. It can also negatively affect a person's work and perception in the community. This is especially true if it is a city worker or even a law enforcement officer. When confronted with these charges, it is imperative to have a strong criminal defense from the beginning.

A law enforcement officer was placed under arrest in an alleged domestic dispute. Police were called to investigate a reported incident at around 2:20 p.m. According to police, an off-duty officer had allegedly put a woman at the residence in handcuffs. Reportedly, the man, the woman and a child were in a residence and wrestling and tickling each other. The woman was said to poke the man in the ribs to which he told her to cease or he would handcuff her. When she continued, he allegedly shackled her ankles and then handcuffed her to the chains on the ankle restraints. She asserts that she asked him to release her numerous times.

The officer was charged with false imprisonment. Should he be convicted, he can face up to two years in prison and will lose the right to be a law enforcement officer.

Anyone who is confronted with a criminal charge should be aware of the personal and professional consequences they might face if they are convicted. With jail time and fines, it can significantly hinder a person's life. That is before considering the professional implications. A domestic incident carries with it a stigma that the accused may have a hard time overcoming. Any criminal conviction can harm a person's life as it can prevent them from getting certain jobs, being admitted to a school or having the right to enter the military, among many other ramifications. Combating these charges is vital.

Source: wpxi.com, "Pittsburgh police officer arrested, charged in domestic incident," Jan. 2, 2018

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