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Off-duty cop faces criminal allegations after domestic dispute

Pittsburgh residents who are facing allegations related to a domestic incident must remember that the criminal charge can go beyond the penalties that will be part of the process if there is a conviction. It can also negatively affect a person's work and perception in the community. This is especially true if it is a city worker or even a law enforcement officer. When confronted with these charges, it is imperative to have a strong criminal defense from the beginning.

Man arrested on allegations of selling fake football tickets

Since Pittsburgh is such a prominent sports town, there are always people trying to secure tickets to the various events. In some cases, ticket sellers will be accused of trying to take advantage of that enthusiasm by selling fraudulent tickets. While this is an act that cuts right to the heart of a sports fan and offends their sensibilities in multiple ways, that does not mean that the person who is facing these allegations is guilty and does not deserve to have a strong criminal defense for what is essentially a white collar crime. People arrested on these charges must remember their rights.

New Hampshire man faces multiple DUI allegations in Pennsylvania

When a person is placed under arrest for driving under the influence in Pennsylvania, it is vital to understand everything encompassed within the allegations. There are multiple penalties and long-term consequences that can increase exponentially depending on the level of charges. If, for example, the person is charged with driving under the influence and fleeing law enforcement, it will be worse than a simple DUI charge. Regardless, having a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney is essential.

Woman faces charges of DUI and child endangerment

Residents of Pittsburgh and throughout Pennsylvania who are arrested on allegations that they were driving under the influence must be aware of the potential long-term consequences a conviction carries with it. It can affect driving privileges and be an overall negative in a person's life. Since law enforcement is constantly on the lookout for drivers who might be under the influence, it is not unusual for a driver to be stopped and arrested. Some cases, however, are of a more unusual variety and can expand to other charges. Regardless of the circumstances, anyone facing criminal charges must make certain that they protect themselves by discussing the case with a legal professional experienced in all forms of criminal defense.

Man faces DUI charges and other allegations after truck crash

If a driver fails to remain at the scene of a crash, it can lead to various charges and potential long-term consequences. When the driver is accused of also being under the influence, the allegations can stack one on top of the other. In circumstances such as these, it is essential for the person to plan for a strong DUI criminal defense.

Man faces multiple allegations due to bomb threat

Facing criminal charges in Pittsburgh can be a tough situation in any case, but there are some allegations that can be more difficult than others even if the circumstances are odd. Prosecutors may try to maximize the penalties not simply because of the danger of such a threat, but as a deterrent for others who are considering making similar threats or carrying them out. For those who have been arrested on charges for these incidents, a strong criminal defense is essential.

Man arrested on allegations of firearm use in domestic incident

In Pittsburgh, those who are charged with a domestic assault or any other kind of behavior in a domestic incident do not just have to worry about the criminal charges alone. There are other issues that will come to the forefront in addition to the penalties. There is a stigma with domestic incidents and it can negatively affect a person's work life, educational endeavors and more. Being arrested for domestic issues can cause long-term problems and it is imperative to formulate a strong criminal defense form the start.

Off-duty cop arrested on assault charges after road dispute

When Pittsburgh drivers are out on the road, their tempers can be short and lead to confrontations, otherwise known as road rage. In the moment, the people involved might feel justified in their anger and have an explanation for the way they behaved. If the incident does not involve assault or other criminal behaviors, nothing might come of it. However, if people pull a weapon or behave violently, it can lead to assault charges and necessitate criminal defense. In some cases, the allegations might involve people whose employment and personal lives can be significantly affected by the situation.

Man attacked in alleged domestic assault by wife and her sister

There is a perception that domestic assault and other allegations are generally limited to a man perpetrating violence against a woman. However, there are many different forms of domestic abuse and they can involve anyone. Pittsburgh residents who are arrested for charges related to a domestic incident must be aware of the possible penalties they will face and put a strong foundation for a criminal defense in place immediately upon being charged.

Facing felony charges with a strong criminal defense strategy

Felony charges are the most serious charges in the criminal justice system and may be more harshly punished than other types of criminal charges such as misdemeanor charges. Individuals facing felony charges may face a year or more in prison and steep fines. In some circumstances, felony charges can result in life in prison or even the death penalty. Additionally, felonies are graded by degree in Pennsylvania and a first degree felony can result in a 20-year prison sentence.

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