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Metal-on-metal hip implant can come with unique complications

Whether due to an injury or the luck of the draw, you ended up needing to get your hip replaced. Hip implants today are a modern miracle of science, allowing you the type of mobility and range of movement you never thought would be possible again when you were suffering from extreme hip pain. However, if you received a metal-on-metal implant, you might face unforeseen complications. The following information is important for you and other Pennsylvanians with metal hip implants to know.

Army veteran who suffered surgical error files lawsuit

Veterans in the Pennsylvania area and across the nation will often need medical treatment, which they receive through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The type of treatment these people have received in recent years has come under scrutiny with allegations of mistakes, medical professional negligence and other problems. It is unconscionable that veterans who served the U.S. will be subjected to substandard treatment, but it happens all-too often. When there is a doctor error or other incident of medical malpractice, those who suffered damages or families who lost a loved one need to be aware of their rights.

Medication mistakes require legal assistance for compensation

When a Pennsylvanian seeks treatment from a medical professional and medication is provided or prescribed, there is an inherent trust that the medication will be given in its proper amount, in the correct dosage and for the right duration. However, it is an unfortunate reality that mistakes can be made. When it is a medication error, it can lead to a worsened medical condition, personal injury and death. Those who have been harmed or had a loved one harmed because of a medication error should remember their rights to seek compensation in a lawsuit.

Pennsylvania court reinstates medical malpractice lawsuit

This blog recently discussed the importance of wrongful death lawsuits for the protection of families following the unexpected loss of a love one which can also apply in medical malpractice situations. A superior court in Pennsylvania recently reinstated a medical malpractice lawsuit. The issue involved the timeliness of filing the wrongful death medical malpractice complaint for a woman's death in the emergency room of the hospital the lawsuit was brought against.

Woman granted new medical malpractice trial in Pennsylvania

Victims of medical malpractice have important rights to be familiar with. A woman whose doctor severed her bowel during hysterectomy surgery has been granted a new medical malpractice trial. During the woman's hysterectomy procedure, it came to the attention of her surgeon that he may have severed her bowel. The woman's doctor consulted a general surgeon who repaired her bowel which had been severed nearly in half. The victim was forced to wear a colostomy bag for a period of time following surgery. The laparoscopic hysterectomy procedure was abandoned.

Misdiagnosis can have serious consequences for victims

The consequences of a misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose or delayed diagnosis can be devastating for victims. Victims may receive the wrong treatment, may not receive timely treatment or may not receive the treatment they need at all which can result in serious harm and even death. Victims who have suffered from a misdiagnosis may receive unneeded medication and treatment that can result in a worsened condition.

What you should know about metal-to-metal hip replacement recalls

There are many things that can injure a hip and require a total hip replacement. Aging, arthritis, fractures and falls are all common factors that are present when it comes to an injured hip. If your hip is stiff, it may be difficult to get out of a chair, walk or even put your socks and shoes on.

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