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Premises Liability Archives

Legal help with a Pittsburgh premises liability case

Any kind of accident in Pittsburgh can lead to medical bills, lost time at work and even death. However, one of the forgotten about types of accidents is slip-and-fall accidents or any other kind of incident that comes about due to a dangerous property condition. These can happen anywhere - in a store, walking past a residence, and in many other circumstances. Those who have been injured on someone else's property in a situation that could and should have been avoided might have the basis for a legal filing to be compensated.

What is premises liability law and who does it protect?

Victims of a dangerous or hazardous property conditions are protected by premises liability law. Victims may wonder what premises liability law refers to. When individuals enter on to the property of another, they have a reasonable expectation that they will not be injured or otherwise harmed because of a dangerous or hazardous property condition. Property owners must maintain their property so that it is reasonably safe and must warn of a dangerous property condition.

Are all property owners responsible for an accident?

We have all seen it before. Maybe it has even happened to you. You are walking through a grocery store and hear, "clean up in aisle 6" or something similar. When you get to aisle 6, you see an old man standing next to a broken glass of tomato sauce on the floor, and a worker scrambling with a mop to clean it up. Accidents happen to everyone. But do you notice how quickly most stores clean up messes or spills or leaks?

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